at a gay bar in , last night. Two dead, many injured. parade cancelled due to security concerns. Police classify it as but can't rule out insanity. perpetrator was Norwegian citizen, originally from Iran.


MFW somebody posts something on the internet that I don't like.

working great as a very lightweight replacement for -9 on so far! 😁​

on the Android seems like a possible replacement for -9, available on -Droid and all. Going to test it out for a while, if it doesn't work out and I don't find a decent FOSS Android client I'll just go all in and do and Webmail.

Rebranding K-9 as ...

Another of my favorites, eaten by the big companies to boost their own lineup. Please just leave the things I love alone OK?

Don't use for android, consider using .

Don't use for android, consider using .

Don't use "Thunderbird for Android", AKA. K-9... Maybe use FairEmail? We'll see.

Reading Ryan Sipes' reply to disparaged users on the K-9 forum, "You're part of the Thunderbird community now."

Welp, not if people skip ships.


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Just discovered that Mozilla is going to chew up K-9 mail for android and is literally turning it into "Thunderbird for Android".

Well, time to find a new e-mail client for Android and I wish everybody involved in Thunderbird or Mozilla an unpleasant day.


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